It is fitting that my first release via this site should be a compilation of music from Gamers With Jobs podcasts. When I began to work with Russ Pitts on GWJ Radio, I had largely forgotten what it was like to make music for fun.  In a significant way, collaborating with Russ and Shawn and interacting with the fantastic community at GWJ helped me to rediscover why I became a musician in the first place.  Thanks, guys.  This is for you.

A brief note regarding the content of GWJOST: This is all material that was written for GWJ Radio and the GWJ Conference Call podcasts.  A few of my tracks that have been regularly featured on the Conference Call (such as Los Pistoleros)
are not included, and that's due to the fact that a) they're intended for other releases or b) they're not finished or are in need of deep revisions.  If you're not a listener of the podcasts, you may find this EP a bit bewildering.  I've included notes on each track in the PDF liner notes to provide some context.

If you feel moved to donate, you may do so via the Paypal link below.  Donations will primarily go to fund production of my CD project, and to fill your heart with the righteous joy of supporting a dude who writes some music. 



Note: due to problems with my hosting company, I've removed the links to the files that were hosted at this site.  The Mediafire links continue to work well.  If you have any problems accessing them, please let me know.

wav format (zip archive)
320kbps mp3 (zip archive)

1. GWJ2010
2. GWJ Radio Theme
3. GWJ Radio Theme Atmosphere Mix
4. Podunk Stomp
5. GWJ Radio Theme Angry German Guy Mix
6. GWJ Radio Ripoff-otron Medley
7. GWJ Radio Xylophone Theme
8. GWJ Conference Call Theme
9. GWJCC Theme More Cowbell Mix

NOTE: The wav version of Podunk Stomp was originally accidentally uploaded at 24-bit quality, which will cause problems with a lot of media players.  The zip archives have been updated with the correct file, and if you've already got the 24-bit file, a 16-bit version of the song may be downloaded here.